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Hello Loves! I hope you  have all been doing well. I know I said in my previous Post that there was some construction going on!

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Blog under Construction!

Happy Saturday to everyone! As the heading suggests…yes DifferentlyConfident is going through some construction. Those who follow the Facebook page might have seen the post.


Its been a great few months since I started blogging and so many people have warmed my heart through their love for this blog. I have learnt quite a lot from those who have been in the game for a while and I am still learning. Yesterday someone asked me why there was no new post this week and so I decided to put it up that currently I am working on revamping the blog. I’m soo excited actually, it is something I have been wanting to do and opportunity has allowed for it to come through.

I am thankful for all my readers and a special thank you to the girl behind the camera. DifferentyConfident would not have been what it is without you guys! The next chapter is going to be even more exciting. So much in the bag…IMG_6822


Stay tuned for updates and look out for the Facebook Page for the changes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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My Beauty Favorites of the Week!

Its been an eventful week and as its ending another busy week is on its way. I hope you guys have been sailing through well! This week I decided to do a run down of my favorite makeup products of the week, they are not new but just the ones I used almost everyday this week because they were giving me such great results.

My beauty faves of the week!

So this week I have been rocking a simple makeup look to Uni…I know it sounds boring on paper but its that Everyday Makeup Look thing and I decided to share them with you only because about two days ago a couple of people asked me some of the products I have been using! Shout Out to the girl that greeted me on Thursday during lunch and said my makeup really looked great!

Okay so lets do this!!

Revlon PhotoReady Primer

Revlon Primer
Revlon Photoready Primer


I have had this primer since last year but I went through a period where my skin was quite dry and using it just made it worse. My face felt even more dry when I applied it before my makeup. I was about to throw it away until I realized that these days my faces gets oily and I have to blot my face often in the afternoon. Yes …so I went back to this product and well, since my skin is well hydrated these days it balances out just fine. I am not sure if this product is still on the shelves but I got it on a sale if I’m not mistaken.

MAC sample foundation

Guys I really like being real and honest with my readers. So in that regard….this whole week I have been wearing a MAC foundation sample that I got in June at the Walmer store. Yes people….I did not go back to purchase the actual bottle because I still have this sample and two other different ones! This shade blends well and does wonders leaving my face radiant and not caked up! I love it! If anybody would like to buy it for me please feel free…haha

Yardley Volume Lash Mascara

Yardley Mascara
Yardley Volume Lash Mascara

As you can probably see, this mascara has been around for quite a bit! Still works wonders and it has been a favorite of mine lately. Miss Manga is still the boss though, I’m sure you guys know. You can read about it by just clicking here.

AVON Glow Pearls

Avon Pearls
Avon Pearls

I have had these pearls for a year but after purchasing them from a friend for obvious reasons (FOMO) I did not understand the whole concept of having a glowing face. I even purchased a highlighter when I had this in my drawer. Imagine guys!! I tried out these babies on Sunday last week…oh my word!! They give such a glow and they blend well with my skin without making it look like I have glitter on my face. Its not too much but its visible. These were a winner this week they are the Real MVPs!

LA Girl X Usha Lipliner

The Nude Lip Duo

I love the nude lip look that’s  what I mostly do for class. For this week I achieved that with my LA girl lip stain in the shade “dreamy” with a deep brown lip liner. It blended so perfectly. If you are regular here you would know where I buy my lip liners, if you have forgotten don’t worry hey! Just read about it all here.

Lipstick Removers

Lipstick remover
Lipstick Wipes

Have you ever got home and washed the makeup off your face but the lipstick doesn’t come off?? Say no more….I got you. I found these mini wipes at Dischem , they are time savers. Just one swipe and your lips are clean. No more stubborn lipstick stains, even when you apply a certain color but change your mind before leaving the house! Just 10Rand ladies!

Lipidol Overnight Oil

Lipidol overnight oil

Moisturizing your face in the evening and after removing makeup is very important and skin needs to be well hydrated always. This is the perfect oil for me so far, my face swims in it at night and I wake up with soft healthy skin. If you are looking for an overnight oil I recommend this one for 80Rand and it is exclusively sold at Clicks.  I got this particular one in a magazine as a freebie! Ive recommended this oil before in this post on winter skin products.


Carmex Lip Moisturizer

Best Lip balm for me so far! You can even use it as a lip gloss. I simply love it because it stays on for long and keeps the lips from cracking. I got this particular one from my sister but you can get them at Dischem for about 40Rand and they come  with flavors too! The cherry flavor smells great!

Enjoy Body Mist

Body Mist
Body Mist of the moment…

I think I have been smelling quite nice this week. Those who know me well know I’m never really sure of scents but I think the 20s are a time to figure out what you like.This individual is  trying to do just that. The last time I tried a body mist my sister assumed it was an air freshener!! Imagine… lol so these days I’m very careful and I pay special attention to scents. I got this mist from  Clicks and I was with a friend and so she said it smelt fresh…well not in the AIR FRESHNER sense though!

beauty faves

Whew!! You managed to read till up till now. That was a bit much hey? I am hoping you got something out of this post, one of the main things is that you can look good without breaking the bank. Which products were your favorites for the week? Tell us in the comment section below and feel free to ask any questions to continue the conversation! You can have a look at how I look with these makeup products here from my previous post.

Thank you for reading..

Much Love…






How To Be organised For College /University

Hello guys!I figured I would do a post on something different and to share a bit on what I discovered this past week! We all know that college or some of you might call it university can be quite stressful. Time goes by before you even know it and most mondays are gloomy and unbearable. Am I right or am I right?👋🏾

How to stay organized for college/Uni !!

This past week I did an experiment on how to be organised and to see if it actually worked, not that I was not organised, but I tried a bit more to be hands on.


Almost everyone hates Mondays because you get back to class and so much work has to be done. Usually I am always late for class but this past week I joined the other club. Usually on sunday or nights before school the trick is to prepare well! That means you even have an idea of what you would like to wear for class (it might change in the morning) but atleast you spend less time.


You should also pack the bag the night before making sure you are not leaving any notes or things you will need.

2. Eat Healthy

Most times I leave the house late, so there is no time to eat or take a snack,I just rush out! This past week I did it differently! I decided to actually plan what I was going to have for breakfast every morning. It actually works, you wake up excited because you know exactly what you are going to eat before you leave.  Also decided to carry food to school ,well because it will save me some money and my sugar levels will not drop! That needs planning and prepping the day before so that you just pick up the small container with food and go! Gives you a chance to be creative too!

I dont know about you guys but food makes me happy!😄 Knowing I have something intresting to eat at lunch definitely makes my day less boring and stressful! I am still trying out the “carrying lunch “thing but if you would like ideas or an insight on how and what I pack you can just let me know in the comment section below!⬇️


3.Organised Work

I always used to buy diaries and planners that I never used! This semester we are not about that life hey!

Yes its a good way to do things in order, keeps you in check and prevents one from panicking when assignment dates are close because its not something out of the blue! You already planned for it and chances are you did some research slowly and so you put the assignment together whilst there is still time!

Notes! Notes! Notes!


Also be organised in collecting or writing notes! You do not want to be that individual that nags everyone towards test dates asking for notes to photocopy.😉

So basically a diary/planner and some highlighters will take you a long way!

4.Wake up Early!

I have had a 6:30 alarm this whole year but its only last month when i stopped snoozing it and just woke up. These days 6:30 sharp my eyes are open. Im sure everyone knows that when you wake up early somehow things go well! You have enough time to leave the house orderly, do makeup (we all know for some it takes a bit of time) and even make a cup of coffee to go! On mondays (which is my earliest day) I now get to school with my thermal cup with coffee in it! Thats an achievement for me!

One of my favourite coffee cups!


There isnt really much that is special that i have been trying to do these past weeks but these few actually made a difference! Last monday was so bright even though it was cold because i had pre studied for my lectures( it actually does work) , woke up early , had my bag packed , ate breakfast and had all the things I needed! I was a happy person.

By the way, I just want to say thank you to one of my blog readers, we walked together to a stationery shop and she bought me really cool highlighters! Thank you Ntomby ❤️

I hope this post was helpful to you guys in college like me! Lets try have bright mondays from this week onwards hey! And the rest of the weekdays, eventually the semester goes along and we will not be panicking as usual

This was my look last Monday! Coffee, Smiles and stuffs!

This is was my favourite makeup look for the week! A soft look with a nude lip! Not too beat but beat!😏 Let me know what you think and if you would like me to do a post on how I achieved this makeup look in the comment section below!

You guys can also follow me on Instagram @lseysue .

How do you stay calm and organised for school?Let us know in the comment section below to continue this discussion.

Have a bright week!🌞🌞🌞

Much Love….


Lemonade ! Brights in Winter…

Hello everyone and Happy New Month!  Yes I know I am a bit late with the monthly greetings but hey….better late than never right? I hope you all had a productive week and you are ready for another one.

This week I decided to do something a bit more fun and outgoing! You might be wondering why I chose the heading “Lemonade”, well I did so because I could not come to a conclusion about the exact color of the dress I am wearing in this post! Lemonade was where my imagination took me. Lets talk about talk bright colors in winter.


Usually winter is associated with the greys, browns and navy, because they seem like warm colors? I am not sure, but usually people’s wardrobes dull down during the cold season. I believe brights can still be done in the cold! As long as you are warm IT’S A DO!


Well the first reason is that usually what is on the inside shows on the outside. Some days you are extra happy and you want to express it even in winter! This post was shot on such a particular day, sometimes wearing bright colors actually influences your attitude the whole day! Its true.

I also believe it is something that most people do not really attempt to do and so wearing brights in winter makes you differently stand out as an individual!

Lets talk about my outfit….differentlyconfident_5292

I got this dress last month, I found it interesting actually because of the shoulders and the front hemline. I figured I would be inspired to wear it after a while but turns out inspiration came early! I decided to wear it with my black coat since it is still cold, well the afternoons are a bit warm but hey .. its PE! Wind is in abundance and you have to be warm. I loved how it looked put together!

I love high necklines and I am sure if you read my blog on a regular  you noticed, this neckline was perfect for me and the lose fit of the dress made it comfortable and compensated for the length of the dress (you will probably never see me walk around in such a short dress unless its for an occasion). I believe it was a bold move for me to rock it and take it to the streets to shoot…I was serving some of that lemonade guys!!🍋🍋🍋differentlyconfident_5321



differentlyconfident_5309As usual I  kept it toned down with the other parts of the outfit that consisted of my favorite black pumps and my black structured bag. It kept the look grounded and classy in my perspective, not too much going on but enough to stand out in a good way!


And of course I had to find the best sunglasses for this look and these did the trick! Polarised.



Dress- Cathy’s Closet

Coat- Jumbo

Handbag- Forever New

Pumps- Topshop


Investing in a bright coat that you just wear on top of you layers

Adding a bright bag to a winter outfit.

Having a bright pair of heels to go with a winter outfit.

How do you add color to your winter outfits? Let us now in the comment section to continue the discussion! Let me know what you also think of this outfit in the comment section.



I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and all the others! Your feedback always brings joy to my days. Feel free to ask me any questions whether it be about style in fashion or makeup…

Special thanks to the main person behind the camera! Follow me on Instagram to see who it is… @lseysue

So Much Love…



Makeup 101.

I have been contemplating for a while on doing this post, woke up this morning so determined to do it and decided to get to it. Yes, we are talking face beat today!!!

differentlyconfident-makeup basics

A number of people have been asking me about what I use for my makeup and others requested a post on makeup basics and so I decided to combine both into one post. This means that for the girl who was planning on trying makeup they will get  a guide on what to buy. For the girl that has been using makeup for a while, well they can get to know about the products I have been using and suggest other good products in the comment section below.

LETS GET INTO IT… (its going to be quite a lengthy post)


Essence primer
Essence Primer

When I first started using makeup I had no knowledge of primers. After watching a few YouTube tutorials I understood why the use of a primer is necessary. So this product is like a base that you apply after moisturizing, it prevents shine and appearance of pores and gives the foundation a base to smoothly sit on.

Primers come in different brands and primers and so it is all about preference. The essence primer is one of my favourites, its found in any clicks drugstore for about 40 Rand each.


I’m sure everyone knows what foundation is! What I can say is that when buying foundation its always good to sample a number of them and make sure you don’t end up buying one that makes your face look ashy or a shade that is way lighter than your skin. It is okay to ask for help in the drugstores like dischem and clicks and not just test foundation on your hand. Your hand and face have different shades.

When it comes to choosing drugstore or high end foundations I think one can do what is best for their pocket. If you are a beginner I suggest starting with drugstore and work your way up. At the end of the day when you walk outside with makeup that is not applied well nobody will know whether it is Lancôme or Yardley! Get the skill right first and then venture into more pricey foundations.

differentlyconfident- foundations
Esteer Lauder & Maybelline


I personally use both drugstore and high end foundations. my favorite drugstore is the Maybelline foundation and the high end is Estee Lauder. Both foundations are really good and worth buying.

Differentlyconfident -bases and spray

Powders are not a favorite of mine but I suggest getting a powder to set the foundation or the highlight and contour.


Lately people have been in a frenzy about the eyebrows, quite interesting because everyone wants the perfect brow. Well to do that I recommend an eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, concealer and eyebrow gel.

The brush is to brush your eyebrows into place before you use the pencil and you clean it up with a concealer and a brush.

fferentlyconfident- eyebrow set
Essence Eyebrow gel, Inglot concealer, Concealer Brush, Eyebrow Pencil, Eyebrow Brush

The gel is to hold the eyebrows in place.

My personal favorites are the essence brow gel and the LA Girl Pro-Concealer. To be honest, I use just a simple pencil that I can get in the street or a Chinese shop, same goes for the brushes!


So for the beginners, try not to apply foundation with you hands. That is just a NO! either use sponges that you can get from drugstores or brushes. I personally use brushes because they are quite simpler to use. The main brushes you will need are the Foundation brush, Powder Brush and one for the eyebrows. Those are the basics if you are a beginner. You can add on more if you want them. I have quite  a lot only because I don’t have time to be always washing brushes and also because I am  a hoarder!

This particular set was from Cathy, I had been eyeing these brushes for about 3 years I think and finally got the courage to ask for them last week!

makeup brushes



If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know which one is my favorite mascara!Yes MISS MANGA! You can also read about  My Beauty Favorites.





For the lips I recommend in investment of lip liners, they give definition to the lips and help not to have the ashy look lipsticks. A number of lipstick whether they be matte or not and some gloss. I personally love matte lips and yes you need a good RED lip stain!! Its a basic! lol.

Lipliners differently confident_1279


When you have finished applying all the makeup and are ready to go, a setting/finishing spray is a good thing to use. It sets the makeup and gives you a matte or dewy look depending on the spray you buy. These range from about a hundred rand and onwards.

NYX Matte Finish Spray
NYX Matte Finishing Spray

My personal favorite in the NYX matte finish spray! I always carry it in my bag when I have makeup on because I am not a powder person. So whenever my face gets oily  I spray it on and the face is BEAT AGAIN!


My all time favorite collection is the LA Girl blush set. It has two blushes, a bronzer and highlighter. The highlighter is very pigmented and good to use to brighten up the face this winter! They are found in dischem stores nationwide! Be sure to get yourself one and get that GLOW!

LA Girl Blush Collection

These are my makeup products and I’m sure the beginners reading this post have an idea on what to look for. If ever in doubt, the consultants in the stores offer help when looking for makeup products.


Which products are your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below to continue the discussion.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking at my last minute images!

Much Love….



Thrifted Denim on Denim!

Hey Guys, I hope you all had a great week! I decided to do a second part for the denim talk and do the normal skinny jeans that almost everyone has! As the heading suggests, I got these jeans at a thrift shop, just the perfect fit and cost! So lets get into it.

The Outfit

A few years back I saw an outfit worn by Jennifer Lopez when she was in all denim, well except the shoes of course! I loved how it fir her perfectly and I told myself I would recreate this look someday. Well I finally did a few weeks ago and decided to post it up today. Both the denim shirt and the bottoms were thrifted on the same day( I’m sure if you always read the blog you know I am somewhat a thrifting junkie!) I felt quite good about myself for scoring good quality denim for a total of 5 dollars altogether. I put the denim together with one of my favorite clogs, they have some gold detail to them and are very comfy. I waited for these shoes for three months to go on sale! Initially they were 200 rand but I knew I would score a bargain if I was patient. 3 months guys…..all good things come to those who are patient. Got them for half the price!!differentlyconfident_4048


differentlyconfident_4036To accessorize I went with the gold detail on the shoes and picked out a gold neckpiece! I got it from my cousin for my birthday, such a statement piece that’s bold and yet not noisy. Perfect! I also added my Forever New wallet which is quite simple but fits necessary stuff!



I did my own rendition of the inspirational outfit just sticking to the denim on denim aspect but with different accessories and shoes. I did this this also to emphasize more on the point I made last week when I said :



I used to think the opposite actually but my fashion guru of a sister told me otherwise and it made sense. Differently confident right?


Whether you want to wear denim on denim or one denim item for bottoms, the  fit is key! Always look for the right size jeans. I know for example some people struggle to find the perfect pair, either they are the right thigh size and too big on the waist or vice versa. I recommend that you don’t settle but find that store where you fit properly in the jeans. It is also not advisable to wear jeans that leave half of you behind outside, there will always be a perfect fit!

Belts also make a difference! Invest in a couple that you can wear with your jeans so that they do not pull down when walking! I always wear belts with my denim bottoms to secure myself from embarrassing moments when I walk out of taxis… Yup , you guys know it!


  1.  Always wear  two shades of denim so they look different an compliment each other, if not it looks quite ill placed to be honest, like the only clean clothes in the closet were the shirt and jeans ! The shirt and jeans I wore for this look are different in texture and color just that the camera did not do much justice to the color difference but I am sure you get the point.


2. Accessories can also make or break the outfit! Try not to over denim it by wearing denim accessories too when wearing denim on denim. Instead, look for pieces that are bold and more of your style! A good neckpiece, a pair of sunglasses, belt or handbag that is of a different color to compliment your look!


Shirt and Bottoms – Thrifted somewhere in Zim

Shoes – Jet Stores

Neckpiece- Miladys

Wallet- Forever new

Sunglasses – Spitfire


differentlyconfident_4068I hope you enjoy reading this post. I am quite into denim these days so let me know in the comment section below if you would like to see more denim looks! Well that wont be the next post of course but I will definitely post more denim! Let me know also if you have also tried this denim on denim look and your thoughts on it. Lets continue the conversation!

Much Love…